Several years ago, Kings Group North America, Inc. began developing websites for churches and funeral service providers offering a wide range of options and low monthly hosting fees. When we decided to sunset our Graphic & web design components we received many emails and messages seeking for us to remain.

Since that time, we have upgraded our hosting backbone along with our offerings and there we present Websites by Crown Arts & Entertainment (CAE), a premiere web service for the small business and the fortune 500 corporation alike.

CAE brings an arsenal of tools to help put present your business online with excellence and elegance. We give our customers a website experience that is user friendly; easy to update content, images, calendar and forms.  A site designed by CAE is built on a content management system foundation trusted by the governments and corporations worldwide.

We give you what you would pay hundreds and thousands more for elsewhere. Kings Group North America, Inc. employs a team of professional web designers led by Antwon D. James, company founder and lead innovator of CAE. From our launch in 2011 to our present state we have endeavored to give everyone the best without cutting their budgets to make ends meet.

While many offer tiered packages with fees galore, we have simplified our price and our offerings. Instead of “nickel and diming” our clientele we want to help aim in stretching budgets and cutting costs while keeping the same excellence that is standard for our operation.

Our CAE all-in-one package saves you over $400 in total cost. Each website comes standard with:

  • Domain Name
  • 14 months of hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • 7 designed pages w/ client unlimited page creation
  • #1 Web Form tool for registrations, contact pages & more
  • 50 email accounts

We know. You’re probably asking yourself how are these people able to offer all of this for $600, right? The answer is simple, coupled with our low overhead and many friends in the industry we go directly to the source cutting out the middle figures which drive up costs.

Start today for a 50% deposit and join our family of clients!


Rhema Life Church - Indianapolis, IN

Tree of Life Funeral Directors - Fort Worth, TX

Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church - Forest Hill, TX

Radical Authentic Worship Ministries - Indianapolis, IN

Antioch Network of Churches & Ministries - East Chicago, IN

Interactive Musician - Fort Worth, TX